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 Dates to Remember

Welcome to Summer Camp Staff

There are several things that you need to accomplish before arrival at Heritage or Seph Mack for the summer. Please pay close attention to the items listed here and make sure to complete all that is applicable to you and your position. We look forward to seeing you all at camp in June, prepared for the summer.


All paperwork is due to Flag Plaza, Attn Mollieann Gray, two weeks from the date of your offer letter. Your offer of employment expires after three weeks, so make sure your forms are mailed back by then! Most forms are fillable PDFs and all forms can be downloaded via this link.

Scout Shop Discount - Summer Camp Staff

As a summer camp staff member you can receive a 25% discount at the Pittsburgh Scout Shop on personal uniform items.  Let the Scout Shop staff know when you check out and they will apply the discount. This is a one time discount and is only available at the National Scout Shop in Pittsburgh. The Ebensburg Shop offers 25% off of personal uniforms and uniform parts only.

Wants / Needs Lists

Area directors should talk with their staff and develop a list of wants and needs for the opening of the camp season. If there are any items you will need throughout the year, let us know so we can purchase in bulk. All lists should be completed and turned in to your Camp Director, Program Director and Business Director no later than May 15.

Online Training

There are several online training courses that are required in addition to the training at staff weekends and staff week. Please have a close look at the chart and see that you complete what is required for your position. Most of these courses take less than an hour but the Boaters Safety Course is several hours long so prepare your time to be completed before camp.

  • Boy Scouts of America Training
    • Youth Protection - All Staff
    • Weather Hazards - All Staff
    • Unlawful Harassment Prevention - All Staff
    • Safe Swim Defense - All Key Leaders, Aquatics Staff, Trek Staff
    • Safety Afloat - All Key Leaders, Aquatics Staff, Trek Staff, Discovery Staff
    • Trek Safely - Trek Staff
    • Completion Steps
      • Go to:
      • Create an Account and Sign-In. Choose E-Learning by clicking the link in the left column.
      • Start and complete the training(s) for your position.
      • Print the completion card and bring it to camp. If you do not have this card, you will be required to retake the training at camp. You can login at anytime and print completion cards so please remember you login information.
    • Unlawful Harassment Prevention
      1. Using the drop down boxes, enter or select the required information.
      2. When the required fields have been completed you will be directed to the required training course.
      3. Complete the training course and print the certificate of completion.
      4. Provide a copy of the certificate of completion to your council prior to camp or bring it with you when you arrive at camp.
  • Training from other Sources
    • Pennsylvania Boaters safety Course - Central Key Leaders, Watersports MB Staff, Discovery Staff
      • Instructor will come to camp to teach course

Contact Information

Tim McClure Reservation Director (814) 251-5320 (c)
Josh Bromley Assistant Reservation Director (704) 276-6881 (c)
Dan Lindh Program Director (724) 699-3619
Clay Shumway Camp Freedom Director (412) 559-7660
Andy Schmidt Camp Independence Director (724) 622-1940 (c)
Dave Weber Camp Liberty Director (412)491-5308
Jeff Patrizio Eagle Base Director (412) 848-0212 (c)