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Materials and Equipment Needs

The Laurel Highlands Council operates five camps and our Scouts deserve the best equipment. However this is often out of our price range so we rely on outside assistance. Have a look at our needs list and if you or someone you know could help us through a donation/gift in kind or special pricing, contact or The following are items that our camps could put to good use:

  • Heavy duty washer & electric dryer for units/staff use (front load)
  • Dewalt 18volt cordless tools
  • Rechargeable fire extinguishers
  • Sockets, wrenches, hammers and other hand tools
  • Lawn and landscape rakes, bow saws, shovels and picks, clippers, posthole diggers, push brooms, Garden hoses (rubber)
  • Push mowers, leaf blowers and weed whips (Gas)
  • Riding lawnmower, tractor, UTVs, hydraulic dump trailer
  • Scaffolding, mig welder, car ports
  • Lumber (all sorts), Electric wire, Cat-5 Spool
  • Stump grinder, log splitter, pressure washers (gas), vacuum cleaners (bagless)
  • Ice skates, snow shoes, cross country skis and ski boots
  • Air hockey or Fussball table
  • Aquariums and Terrariums
  • Shotguns, clay pigeons and shells, .22 caliber rim-fire bolt action rifles (can be used as single shot rifles), Muzzle loading rifles, BB Guns, archery bows and arrows
  • Skiboats, canoes, sailboats, kayaks, rowboats, oars, canoe and kayak paddles, lifejackets
  • Wireless microphones, radios for staff communication
  • GPS receivers. digital video camera, LCD projectors and laptops
  • Picnic tables for campsites
  • Stackable chairs
  • Commercial matting (showers)
  • Spools of ¼ inch sisal/manila rope
  • Art supplies, laminating supplies, blank DVDs and CDs…

... and your time to help with projects - see Construction Crew.